Thursday, December 6, 2007

Social Responsibilty: Xerox

Can social responsibility be ingrained in a company? I think so.

Take Xerox for example. Alongside several other companies of conscious, they’re providing an invaluable community service with the “Let’s Say Thanks” program. Free to all, Americans can send a post-card to our troops overseas and remind them to come safely home.

Spreading some holiday cheer to those invested in protecting our freedom is fast & easy. Via an online portal ( you can pick one of many beautifully hand-drawn patriotic scenes that were drawn, for this purpose, by kids (6-15yrs) around the country. Then personalize your postcard, by selecting or crafting a short message and hit submit. Xerox will then print the card and send it to a member of the armed services.

Started in 2005, “Let’s Say Thanks” is supported by Premier Partners, Mercury Print Productions, ColorCentric Corporation, SouthData Inc., Quantum Direct, Xerographics and Cathedral Corp. who have partnered with Xerox to print postcards that are delivered to the troops by Give2theTroops – a nonprofit group that sends care packages overseas. (see article) The packages are sent from different state branches to randomly chosen soldiers.

Sending letters from “home” is one of the greatest things we can do in support of our troops. As far as I’m concerned, putting a smile on one face will spread the word of our love to another.

...Peace... ...Love... ...Thanks... those companies of conscience...
...who help remind us to act responsibly & generously...

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