Monday, March 24, 2008

Make a Pledge to the Planet

Cities across the world... and the people in them... are getting ready for Earth Hour! Of note is Mayor Newsom (San Francisco) who will "green out" landmarks like Ghiradelli Square, City Hall, Coit Tower, AT&T Park and the Embarcadero Center.

Flex your own power and reduce your annual emissions with these simple ideas:
  • Turn-off / un-plug: When you leave a room, ask yourself, "is there anything I can turn off?" A lot of appliances remain on "stand-by," so it's up to you to unplug things like mobile phone chargers, TVs, microwaves, and MP3 players -- guess what? You'll save on your electrical bill as well!
  • Bright idea: Don't be dim! Compact fluorescent light bulbs use 75% less energy... trade your bulbs out now!
  • Close it up: If you have to run the A/C or heat, keep your doors & windows closed to maximize your expenditure. Don't forget to make sure there's nothing blocking the vents!
  • Bag it: Keep extra bags around to bring to your favorite stores. You don't have to waste!
  • Use less: If you see a leaky faucet, get it fixed. Spend one minute less in the shower! This is not only a good water saving tip, it saves electricity too.
  • Watch what you trash: You don't want toxics, poisons, medications or other chemicals to enter the environment or our food systems. Dispose these products carefully.
  • Eat locally: When you benefit the local economy, you benefit the environment as well! You're also likely to get fresher, healthier eating choices as well.
  • Love a tree: Old forest trees shouldn't be cut down -- you don't have to buy products from companies that are. Remember, one tree can offset tons of carbon over its lifetime. Part of loving our planet is planting a tree.
  • Trade up: You don't have to buy "new" to get something wonderful. You can trade-up for a gently-used item.
  • Green power: Contact your electricity provider and switch to a cleaner, more renewable form of energy that does not contribute to global warming.

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