Tuesday, October 4, 2011

ideate. innovate. inspire. implement. invest.

I am humbled and excited to join some of the most creative and innovative minds in the field of “doing good” as a speaker at the 2011 !deation Conference.  This year’s theme is “Love Human. Invest Good,” with conversations centered around how both the non-profit and for-profit sectors can work together for better human care.

A true “un-conference” in its’ design and layout, Charles Lee — CEO and Founder of Ideation Consultancy– is committed to cultivating the best conversations in social innovation.  Look at the line-up of speakers and you’ll see a long list of people who have made radical impact on the world.  But the gem here is that the speakers are purposed to spark conversation, while the participants are meant to carry the dialogue. 

Through this approach, the conference enables attendees to consider the implementation ideas of our peers against or own organizational problem-solving practices. 

ideate. innovate. inspire. implement. invest.

“Innovation is changing from top-down genius to bottom-up social evolution driven by young people’s need to connect.”
~ Graham Brown mobileYouth

My presentation, this year, will focus on the pressing need I see for more non-profits to invest in cradle-to-career humanitarian impact opportunities (not just education) for kids — starting in early childhood and extending all the way thru college. 

The complexity of humanitarian issues do not have to forfeit youth involvement.  Young people feel they should have a say in the future and the world we will be living in, and not only suffer the consequences of previous generations.

No more slactivism, no more ageism.  More non-profits have to learn what their corporate counterparts already know:  empower youth to impact your brand destiny, for they are powerful allies to have, with global reach.

Social media and mobile phones have accelerated the global reach of us all, but with smart phones and computers in the hands of kids as young as 7 years old, the awareness and compassion to what’s happening in this world has heightened at a much earlier age for the connected generation.

More to the point, if mobileYouth is correct in their predictions, then within 5 years there will be more mobile-owning youth living in rural villages than people in the entire United States. 

The conversation I would like to spark at !deation is:  Why public and private sectors should build better dialogue with the grassroots of youth who are not facing humanitarian strife.

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